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PLATINCOIN is a new cryptocoin, which started on 07/11/2017. The PLATINCOIN is an innovative cryptosystem, which includes a learning academy, evolutionary hybrid blockchain technology, a modern business platform and a social network in itself. One of the advantages of the decentralized cryptosystem PLATINCOIN is that in the Swiss PLC Group AG there is a team of international experts. This Team is doing everything to make the PLATINCOIN brand more popular. PLC Group AG has set itself the task of making complicated crypto technologies available to a worldwide audience, which does not need any special IT knowledge.

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PLATINCOIN goes on 03/30/2018 to the stock exchange trade

Recently, at an event organized by the management of PLC Group AG, the stock market launch of Platincoin on 30.03.2018 was announced in Berlin. This is followed by the listing of Platinum Coins on the first crypto exchange. There then the platinum coins are freely tradable and can be bought and sold. The price of Platinum Coin will depend on supply and demand, as on all crypto exchanges. This trading capability of platinum coins also provides attractive transparency for investors. PLC Group AG is of the opinion that a high volatility (fluctuation range), as e.g. when Bitcoin is observed, is largely contained. This is achieved through the extensive planning of the preparations for the stock market launch and through hedging with high assets of the PLC Group AG.

PLATINCOIN as a network system

To achieve the PLATINCOIN size for a decentralized market launch, the management of PLATINCOIN, in addition to network marketing, is taking advantage of further opportunities for cooperation with industry and commerce. Such networks secure the fast and comprehensive message of PLATINCOINS in the market. The management of PLATINCOIN offers future partners from ALL sections of the population a completely new way of participation. After the official launch, EVERYONE’s registered partners can already pursue a convincing price increase with a € 50 investment and participate in it, thereby gaining all the advantages and rights in the system. You get commissions up to 11 distribution levels. You will receive commissions up to 11 distribution levels, if you recommend the PLATINCOIN to your friends and family. You will receive a sponsor link. This is unique worldwide.
In view of the potential of a new cryptocoin, which can already be found in the possible price rise, see the development of BitCoins, very high profits are possible.

PLATINCOIN – Difference from other cryptocoins

  • The PLATINCOIN will be listed in the coin exchanges shortly after the start and is then already publicly traded
    (Market launch 03/30/2018).

  • Sales via a network marketing, starting with packages from € 50 with tax it is € 53,50 The merits of PLATINCOIN run over many levels with good commission.

  • The PLATINCOIN uses a very innovative hybrid method, which summarizes the previous methods of blockchain “proof of work” and “proof of stake”. This ensures extremely short transaction times of mutual payments.

  • There will be no tokens, no blocking periods for the members. The PLATINCOIN is already tradable soon and thus also convertible into other currencies or crypto currencies.

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